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The Karakriki and Kowhai Reading Class have been learning to analyse the visual elements and the language features of infographs. Here are some simple ones that they have created of their own using the web tool Infogram ...

Infogram Tyler

Infogram Zoe

Infogram Paris Welcome: Your first project


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The Rapaki Challenge

My Outdoor Ed group today...

What a brilliant, encouraging, and supportive diverse group of young people!

I loved spending the afternoon with these cool kids.  We were the only group who completed the full Rapaki Challenge with heavy gear in tow, ensuring the load was shared equally with everyone. They were determined to make it to the top with no complaining...but possibly a few sore backs and legs tomorrow! Outdoor Ed is a wonderful opportunity to develop the values of caring and personal best.

You had to be there to share an insight into the banter and heart warming conversations and interactions we had along the way.  Learning and working together that is just as valuable as pen to paper and extra curricular activities.

What a blessing our jobs as teachers are, to offer a range of opportunities that bring out the best in our future generations.

Thank you, Mr P for all your work in organising these events.

More awesome book reviews


Last term we had the privilege of having Ildica Boyd come to teach us how to Zentangle. 

Here are some links to Zentangle designs on the web:

Today Rm 13 are trying out their skills for their calendar art.